Year: 2023

Zoey Deutch Quotes

All Time Famous Zoey Deutch Quotes

Zoey Deutch is a talented actress known for her roles in both film and television. She’s appeared in movies like “Vampire Academy,” “Everybody Wants Some!!,” and “Set It Up.” Her TV credits include roles in “The Politician” and “Ringer.” Deutch has gained recognition for her versatile performances and has become a rising star in the […]

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Zohra Sehgal Quotes

All Time Famous Zohra Sehgal Quotes

Zohra Sehgal was a legendary Indian actress and dancer known for her remarkable contributions to Indian cinema and theater. Born in 1912, she had an illustrious career that spanned several decades. Zohra Sehgal began her journey as a dancer with the famous Uday Shankar troupe and later transitioned into acting. She appeared in numerous Bollywood […]

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Zoketsu Norman Fischer Quotes

All Time Famous Zoketsu Norman Fischer Quotes

Zoketsu Norman Fischer is a well-known American Zen Buddhist teacher, poet, and author. He’s recognized for his insightful teachings on Zen Buddhism, mindfulness, and the integration of spirituality into everyday life. Fischer served as the abbot of the San Francisco Zen Center from 1995 to 2000 and continues to be an influential figure in the […]

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Zola Budd Quotes

All Time Famous Zola Budd Quotes

Zola Budd is a former South African middle-distance runner who gained international attention, particularly in the 1980s. She was known for her barefoot running style and her rivalry with British runner Mary Decker. Budd set multiple records in middle-distance events, especially in the 5,000 meters. However, her career was often overshadowed by controversies, particularly her […]

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Zola Jesus Quotes

All Time Famous Zola Jesus Quotes

Zola Jesus, known offstage as Nika Roza Danilova, is a talented singer, songwriter, and musician. She’s recognized for her captivating voice and her unique blend of electronic, experimental, and gothic music. Her stage name, Zola Jesus, is a combination of Émile Zola, the French writer, and Jesus Christ. Born in Wisconsin, she began her music […]

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Zoltan Istvan Quotes

All Time Famous Zoltan Istvan Quotes

Zoltan Istvan is a prominent transhumanist, futurist, and former presidential candidate in the United States. He’s known for his advocacy of using science and technology to enhance human capabilities, extend lifespans, and explore radical advancements in areas like artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and cybernetics. Istvan gained attention during his 2016 presidential campaign as a member of […]

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Zoltan Kodaly Quotes

All Time Famous Zoltan Kodaly Quotes

Zoltán Kodály was a Hungarian composer, ethnomusicologist, educator, and philosopher. He’s renowned for his significant contributions to music education and his compositions rooted in Hungarian folk music. Born on December 16, 1882, in Kecskemét, Hungary, he became a prominent figure not only for his musical compositions but also for his pioneering work in music education […]

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Zona Gale Quotes

All Time Famous Zona Gale Quotes

Zona Gale was an accomplished American author, playwright, and suffragist. She was born on August 26, 1874, in Portage, Wisconsin, and passed away on December 27, 1938. Gale was the first woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1921 for her play “Miss Lulu Bett.” She was known for her insightful and socially […]

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Zong Qinghou Quotes

All Time Famous Zong Qinghou Quotes

Zong Qinghou is a prominent Chinese entrepreneur and the founder of the Hangzhou Wahaha Group, one of the largest beverage companies in China. He’s known for his success in building Wahaha into a major player in the Chinese beverage market. Zong Qinghou’s story is often cited as an example of the entrepreneurial spirit in China […]

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Zoot Sims Quotes

All Time Famous Zoot Sims Quotes

Zoot Sims was a remarkable jazz saxophonist known for his distinctive sound and improvisational skills. He made his mark primarily as a tenor saxophonist and was part of the bebop era, collaborating with several notable jazz musicians like Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, and Buddy Rich. Sims had a warm and melodic tone that captivated audiences, […]

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