All Time Famous Yahya Ibn Mu’adh Al-Razi Quotes

Yahya Ibn Mu'adh Al-Razi Quotes

Abu Zakariya Yahya ibn Mu’adh al-Razi was a Muslim Sufi who taught in Central Asia. One of the first to teach Sufism in masjid, he left several books and sayings.

Yahya Ibn Mu’adh Al-Razi Quotes

1. “Fight against your ego with the four swords of training: eat little, sleep little, speak little, and be patient when people harm you… Then the ego will walk the paths of obedience, like a fleeing horseman in the field of battle.”
— Yahya ibn Mu’adh al-Razi

2. “Glad tidings to the one who leaves the world before it leaves him, prepares for his grave before he enters it, and pleases his Lord before he meets Him.”
— Yahya ibn Mu’adh al-Razi

3. “The beloved of Allah are the perfume of Allah upon this world, but only the true, sincere believers have noses to smell them. They smell that beautiful perfume; they follow that smell. That perfume creates a yearning in their hearts for their Lord, and as a result the sincere believers increase their pace, efforts and devotions.”
— Yahya ibn Mu’adh al-Razi

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