40+ Black Quotes For You

black quotes

“Black” can have different meanings depending on the context. Here are a few possible definitions:

Color: Black is a color that is often associated with darkness or the absence of light. It is the darkest color and absorbs all colors of the visible spectrum.

Race: Black can refer to people who are of African or Afro-Caribbean descent. It is used as a racial or ethnic category in many parts of the world.

Mood or emotion: Black can be used to describe a feeling of sadness, despair, or negativity. For example, someone might say they are feeling “black” or “in a black mood.”

Political movement: “Black” is sometimes used to refer to political movements that seek to empower black people or address issues of systemic racism and inequality. Examples include Black Lives Matter and the Black Panthers.

Status or condition: “Black” can be used to describe a situation or condition that is unfavorable or problematic. For example, someone might say they are “in the black” (meaning they have money) or “in the black hole” (meaning they are in a difficult or seemingly impossible situation).

Black Quotes

1. “I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color.”
— Wednesday Addams

2. “Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy—but mysterious. But above all, black says this: I don’t bother you – don’t bother me.”
— Yohji Yamamoto

3. “I wore black because I liked it. I still do, and wearing it still means something to me. It’s still my symbol of rebellion – against a stagnant status quo, against our hypocritical houses of God, against people whose minds are closed to others’ ideas.”
— Johnny Cash

4. “You can wear black at any time. You can wear it at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion; a ‘little black frock’ is essential to a woman’s wardrobe.”
— Christian Dior

5. “Black is not sad. Bright colors are what depresses me. They’re so… empty. Black is poetic. How do you imagine a poet? In a bright yellow jacket? Probably not.”
— Ann Demeulemeester

6. “There is something about black. You feel hidden away in it.”
— Georgia O’Keeffe

7. “But when I fell in love with black, it contained all color. It wasn’t a negation of color. It was an acceptance. Because black encompasses all colors. Black is the most aristocratic color of all …You can be quiet, and it contains the whole thing.”
— Louise Nevelson

8. “The best thing about wearing black is that you can hide pretty easily unless you’re in Hawaii, then you can’t hide.”
— Gerard Way

9. “Women who wear black live colorful lives.”
— Neiman Marcus

10. “Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is perfect harmony.”
— Coco Chanel

11. “Black is always elegant. It is the most complete color in the whole world, made of all the colors in the palette.”
— Ricardo Tisci

12. “Black is the hardest color in the world to get right – except for gray …”
— Diana Vreeland

13. “I love black because it affirms, designs, and styles. A woman in a black dress is a pencil stroke.”
— Yves Saint Laurent

14. “The man in black travels with your soul in his pocket.”
— Stephen King

15. “My style – it’s black, and it’s expensive.”
— Mark Healey

16. “I’ve been 40 years discovering that the queen of all colors was black.”
— Pierre Auguste Renoir

17. “I work in three shades of black.”
— Rei Kawakubo

18. “I love all the colors mixed together. BLACK.”
— Brian Elston

19. “I look most like myself… when I’m wearing my black, nerdy engineering glasses.”
— Junot Diaz

20. “I was wearing black clothes almost from the beginning. I feel comfortable in black. I felt like black looked good on stage, that it was attractive, so I started wearing it all the time.”
— Johnny Cash

21. “Instead of going to the gym, I dress in black – a lot more practical and much more fun.”
– Monica Bellucci

Black Quotes

22. “I’m wearing all black – but expensive black. The kind of deep, soft black that you fall into.”
— Sophie Kinsella

23. “I can go all over the world with just three outfits: a blue blazer and gray flannel pants, a gray flannel suit, and black tie.”
— Pierre Cardin

24. “I think in black.”
— Gareth Pugh

25. “Before me, no one would have dared dress in black.”
— Coco Chanel

26. “Black is the most slimming of all colors. It is the most flattering.”
— Christian Dior

27. “If I could dress anyone, I’d like to dress the Queen – she can handle anything. I’d put her in black – she never wears black – and add a little leather, maybe. A little rock n’ roll.”
— Donatella Versace

28. “Five pieces every girl needs in her closet are; a great pair of jeans, a good black heel, a great little black dress, tank tops for layering, and a jacket that can be worn day or night.”
— Kristin Cavallari

29. “Black and white always look modern, whatever that word means.”
— Karl Lagerfeld

30. “My favorite outfit was this black lace dress that I found in a vintage shop in Wiliamsburg, New York.”
— Unknown

31. “One time I got dressed in all black, Rambo-style, and took a massive pair of bolt-cutters and nicked a military bike.”
— Zlatan Ibrahimovic

32. “Men in black attire is always classy and hot, which melt women’s hearts!”
— Divyashree Raj

33. “One is never over or underdressed with a little black dress.”
— Karl Lagerfeld

34. “If all else fails and you don’t know what to wear, put on a black dress, and you’ll be happy.”
— Lily Donaldson

35. “The zenith of elegance in any woman’s wardrobe is the little black dress, the power of which suggests dash and refinement.”
— Andre Leon Talley

36. “The little black dress must be luxurious, rich, sensual, diaphanous, exotic, severe, lush, demure, demanding, frivolous, amusing, and it must linger in memory, but above all, it must be simple and little and black.”
— Carolina Herrera

37. “The little black dress expresses a moment of freedom and individuality every time.”
— Andre Leon Talley

38. “I love a black wedding dress.”
— Vera Wang

39. “If you have a basic outfit on – a black sweater and skirt or a simple black dress – you can go from the office to a cocktail party at night just by changing your jewelry.”
— Iris Apfel

40. “Always have a good little black dress, pearls, and stay in the best hotel, even if you can have only the worst room.”
— Tilly Losch

41. “A little black dress is a true friend. She travels with you, she’s patient and constant. You go to her when you don’t know where else to go and she’s always reliable and timeless.”
— Diane Von Furstenberg

42. “A little black dress is beautiful. It’s a good choice. It could be the wrong choice at certain events and situations, but it’s very rare that you see a girl who looks bad in a black dress.”
— Oliver Theyskens

43. “A woman without a little black dress has no future.”
— Coco Chanel

45. “And hell, sometimes the best thing is to put on a black dress and become a wicked stepmother. There’s power in that, if you’re after power.”
— Catherynne M. Valente