All Time Famous Unwind Book Quotes

Unwind Book Quotes

“Unwind” is a dystopian novel by Neal Shusterman, and it contains several thought-provoking quotes that reflect the themes and ideas explored in the book. Here are a few notable quotes from “Unwind”.

Unwind Book Quotes

1. “Stupid dreams. Even the good ones are bad because they remind you how poorly reality measures up.”

2. “The worst of it is, you never know whether to hope that he’s unlucky or that he’s not.”

3. “A life, it seems, weighs more in the balance than a mere body.”

4. “Hope is a powerful thing. Some say it’s a different breed of magic altogether. Elusive, difficult to hold on to. But not much is needed.”

5. “The idea haunted him, that perhaps miracles are nothing more than statistical improbabilities.”

6. “It’s amazing how you can convince yourself that a lie is the truth: you believe it so much that it becomes real. And you can do the opposite, too: you can convince yourself that the truth is a lie.”

7. “One of the greatest temptations of the digital age is to disconnect from the flesh and blood of the world around us.”

8. “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game – unless you’re being hunted, in which case it’s probably a good idea to cheat.”

9. “The saddest thing about love is that not only the love cannot last forever, but even the heartbreak is soon forgotten.”

10. “The more people rationalize cheating, the more it becomes a culture of dishonesty. And that can become a vicious, downward cycle. Because suddenly, if everyone else is cheating, you feel a need to cheat, too.”

11. “Everyone’s got a moral compass. They might point in different directions, but they’ve all got one.”

12. “Sometimes you have to know when to give up the fight. The fight may have started out as your battle, but at some point it becomes a war.”

13. “To love someone is not just a strong feeling—it is a decision, it is a judgment, it is a promise.”

14. “Guilt is just God’s way of letting you know you’re doing the right thing.”

15. “It’s not what you believe; it’s what you decide.”

16. “Greed is not a financial issue. It’s a heart issue.”

17. “It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.”

18. “Sometimes you’ve got to do what you know is right, even if they’re going to hate you for it.”

19. “It’s not that you should never love something so much that it can control you. It’s that you need to love something that much so you can never be controlled.”

20. “The heart, it seems, does not choose love the way the mind does.”

21. “When adults say, ‘Teenagers think they are invincible’ with that sly, stupid smile on their faces, they don’t know how right they are. We need never be hopeless because we can never be irreparably broken.”

22. “When you have a conflict, that means that there are truths that have to be addressed on each side of the conflict. And when you have a conflict, then it’s an educational process to try to resolve the conflict. And to resolve that, you have to get people on both sides of the conflict involved so that they can dialogue.”

23. “A person doesn’t have to be perfect to be exactly what you need.”

24. “Sometimes the most ordinary things can be made extraordinary, simply by doing them with the right people.”

25. “Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.”

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