50+ Most Famous Global Economy Quotes

Global Economy Quotes

The global economy encompasses the interconnected system of trade, finance, and production across nations. It relies on international trade, facilitated by multinational corporations and influenced by currency exchange rates. Globalization, driven by technology, fosters greater economic integration. Key institutions like the IMF and World Bank promote stability and set trade rules. Economic indicators like GDP and unemployment rates provide insights. Challenges such as inequality and climate change pose significant concerns. Understanding these complexities is crucial for navigating the dynamic landscape of global commerce and finance.

Global Economy Quotes

1. “It is virtually impossible to compete in today’s global economy without a college degree.”
— Bobby Scott

2. “Everything else outside the world – Brexit, the global economy, global warming, everything – nothing matters as much as what’s in your house.”
— John Bishop

3. “We know that a college degree is rapidly becoming the price of admission to the global economy.”
— Evan Bayh

4. “An economy genuinely local and neighborly offers to localities a measure of security that they cannot derive from a national or a global economy controlled by people who, by principle, have no local commitment.”
— Wendell Berry

5. “Not only do we need more women in the technology sector, we also clearly need to refocus energy on improving gender equality in the global economy.”
— Gillian Tans

6. “Bitcoin may herald the dawning of a new age in currency. It holds superior traits as a form of ‘good money.’ As a tangible form of asset (its core tangibility being its mathematical basis), it could become an incredibly important building block for the 21st century’s global economy.”
— Jeremy Allaire

7. “Human experience depends on everything that can influence states of the human brain, ranging from changes in our genome to changes in the global economy.”
— Sam Harris

8. “I will talk about two sets of things. One is how productivity and collaboration are reinventing the nature of work, and how this will be very important for the global economy. And two, data. In other words, the profound impact of digital technology that stems from data and the data feedback loop.”
— Satya Nadella

9. “To compete in a global economy, our students must continue their education beyond high school. To make this expectation a reality, we must give students the tools they need to succeed, including the opportunity to take a college entrance exam.”
— Jennifer Granholm

10. “If the expansion of a global legal regime for communication technologies gains traction, the effects to the global economy as well as our individual liberties will be severe.”
— Marsha Blackburn

11. “Our global economy is much more fragile than many of us realize.”
— Robert Kiyosaki

12. “While our corporatists burn incense at the shrine of the global economy, Trump went to visit the working-class casualties. And those forgotten Americans in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin responded.”
— Pat Buchanan

13. “If we don’t concentrate on resurrecting science, we’re not going to be able to compete in a global economy.”
— Alice Roberts

14. “Wireless is the largest information, communication, and technology platform in history, and mobile broadband is transforming how we can deliver educational materials and experiences to all students. The technology now exists to support learning on a massive scale and advance the 21st century skills needed to compete in the global economy.”
— Peggy Johnson

15. “So long as the global economy continues to recover, that remains Obama’s No. 1 claim to successful leadership. Nothing else even comes close.”
— Thomas P.M. Barnett

16. “The whole of the global economy is based on supplying the cravings of two per cent of the world’s population.”
— Bill Bryson

17. “If we expect to continue our leadership in the global economy, we must invest in a long-term transportation plan -f or both highways and transit programs. Too many of our roads, bridges, and railways have fallen into disrepair.”
— Sherrod Brown

18. “Yet in this global economy, no jobs are safe. High-speed Internet connections and low-cost, skilled labor overseas are an explosive combination.”
— Bob Taft

19. “Every investor around the world wants to invest in U.S. markets because they’re regulated and they’re licensed. They’re trustworthy; they have confidence. If you take that away, the global economy will take a hit like nothing else. We want to create that for Bitcoin.”
— Tyler Winklevoss

20. “Pope Francis emphatically does not buy the argument that poverty can be alleviated by the ‘trickle down’ effects of wealth creation. He is deaf to arguments that the global economy has brought a billion people out of poverty. He is convinced, in short, that the best and only way to expel poverty is fairer distribution of the world’s goods.”
— John Cornwell

21. “The role of G-20 is to support the global economy to achieve strong, sustainable and balanced growth.”
— Lee Myung-bak

22. “As an economist specializing in the global economy, international trade and debt, I have spent most of my career helping others make big decisions – prime ministers, presidents and chief executives – and so I’m all too aware of the risks and dangers of poor choices in the public as well as the private sphere.”
— Noreena Hertz

23. “The global economy is facing unprecedented challenges with the outbreak of Covid-19. Businesses large and small across our country are also responding to these challenges.”
— Alok Sharma

24. “In the ‘Nike Economy,’ there are no standards, no borders and no rules. Clearly, the global economy isn’t working for workers in China and Indonesia and Burma any more than it is for workers here in the United States.”
— John Sweeney

25. “Henry Ford was right. A prosperous economy requires that workers be able to buy the products that they produce. This is as true in a global economy as a national one.”
— John Sweeney

26. “But let no one be under any doubt that the scale of the challenge that Europe faces in this emerging global economy is immense and the practical pace of our collective action to meet these challenge to date has just been too slow.”
— John Hutton

27. “And each of these perspectives comes to the same conclusion, which is that our global economy is out of control and performing contrary to basic principles of market economics.”
— David Korten

28. “In today’s global economy, however, it is important to raise the bar of excellence even higher. Today’s students must be prepared to compete effectively on an international level.”
— Kenny Marchant

29. “A successful economic development strategy must focus on improving the skills of the area’s workforce, reducing the cost of doing business and making available the resources business needs to compete and thrive in today’s global economy.”
— Rod Blagojevich

30. “Our view is that economic isolationism is the wrong way to go. Vibrant, successful growing economies that advance the interests of their citizens engage the global economy. And, we’re committed to engaging the global economy.”
— John W. Snow

31. “My guiding principle is that prosperity can be shared. We can create wealth together. The global economy is not a zero-sum game.”
— Julia Gillard

32. “Studies have identified a significant ‘skills gap’ between what students are currently being taught and the skills employers are seeking in today’s global economy. Our children must be better prepared than they are now to meet the future challenges of our ever-changing world.”
— Stephen Covey

33. “We have to remember we’re in a global economy. The purpose of fiscal stimulus is not simply to sustain activity in our national economies, but to help the global economy as well, and that’s why it’s so critical that measures in those packages avoid anything that smacks of protectionism.”
— Stephen Harper

34. “We are moving toward a global economy. One way of approaching that is to pull the covers over your head. Another is to say: It may be more complicated – but that’s the world I am going to live in, I might as well be good at it.”
— Phil Condit

35. “No matter how bleak the situation into which we have been thrown by the global economy, it does offer opportunities. Designers need only invent them.”
— Debbie Millman

36. “It says something about this new global economy that USA Today now reports every morning on the day’s events in Asian markets.”
— Lawrence Summers

37. “In order to stay competitive in a global economy, Alabama must prepare our workforce to be ready for the jobs of tomorrow.”
— Kay Ivey

38. “The cricket star, like everyone else, should have an intelligent understanding of the crisis of the nation-state and the marginalisation of small communities within the global economy.”
— Hilary Beckles

39. “I think because we’re such a trading nation, I think Canadians understand that first and foremost we’re part of the global economy.”
— Stephen Harper

40. “But we can turn challenges into opportunities if we look outwards to the realities of the global economy and modernise our internal institutions in ways that will equip Europe to meet that challenge and create confidence amongst the public.”
— John Hutton

41. “To ensure continuing prosperity in the global economy, nothing is more important than the development and application of knowledge and skills.”
— Martin Rees

42. “There are more humans than all of the rabbits on earth. There are more of us than all the wildebeests, than all the rats, than all the mice. We are the most numerous mammal on the planet. But because we’re not like rabbits or rats or mice, we have technology, we have a consumptive appetite, we have a global economy.”
— David Suzuki

43. “We got into a recession because the global economy went into the recession and we’re a big exporting nation.”
— Stephen Harper

44. “Firms gain comparative advantage from how good their people are. Retaining and attracting talent is a key point of competitive advantage in the global economy. We are seeing that play out, and there are implications for Australia, too. The idea that companies now compete on who can pay their workers the lowest – that’s all changing.”
— Scott Morrison

45. “So, there is enormous instability in the global economy with a shift of winners and losers.”
— David Korten

46. “If you followed this economic crisis and you do not think that the world is getting flatter, you are not paying attention. We saw the entire global economy at one time acting totally in sync. The real truth is the world is even flatter than I thought. Our mortgage crisis is killing Deutsche Bank. You still don’t think the world is flat?”
— Thomas Friedman

47. “We know that the nation that goes all-in on innovation today will own the global economy tomorrow. This is an edge America cannot surrender.”
— Barack Obama

48. “Much of what Tea Party candidates claimed about the world and the global economy during the 2010 elections would have earned their adherents a well-deserved F in any freshman economics (or earth science) class.”
— Eric Alterman

49. “The world is a global economy. I thought, ‘It’s a bummer we don’t have a unifying currency.’ Then I saw Bitcoin had already had a crash and had the resistance to recover. The community was strong enough to push it through again. That’s really exciting.”
— Adam Draper

50. “Scientists and supercomputers have amplified our ability to look ahead. For decades, experts have warned us that human numbers, technology, hyper-consumption and a global economy are altering the chemical, geological, and biological properties of the biosphere.”
— David Suzuki

51. “By preventing pneumonia and other diseases, we are giving men, women and children the chance to live healthy productive lives and participate in the global economy. In doing so, we are not only enhancing their futures – we are enhancing our own.”
— Mandy Moore

52. “As state leaders, I think its important for us to provide our perspectives on issues we face every day – like access to school spending, access to health care and governing in a global economy.”
— Bill Richardson

53. “Cinema has become a global economy, totally international.”
— Lasse Hallstrom

54. “The global economy is in pretty good shape.”
— John W. Snow

55. “Our system of private health insurance that fails to provide coverage to so many of our citizens also contributes to the double-digit health care inflation that is making America less competitive in the global economy.”
— John Conyers

56. “I think we ought to all take a step back and remember where we were 24, 48 hours ago, a week ago, two weeks ago – the prospect that was hanging out there that America would not honor its obligations for the first time in its history, and the impact that would have on our economy and the global economy.”
— Jay Carney

57. “What’s going on in this country? Unions stand against those trends. We’ve got to somehow insulate the robust American economy from this global economy that seems to want to devour our standard of living.”
— James P. Hoffa

58. “Investors should be cautiously positioned as the global economy and markets face major uncertainties. The downgrade will be a further headwind to growth and job creation in the U.S.”
— Mohamed El-Erian

59. “I represent the Port of Philadelphia, and I know firsthand the important role that ports play in the national and global economy. I have also seen how simple accidents can have devastating impacts on the port system.”
— Allyson Schwartz

60. “Well, I think the global economy is in the position for continuing good growth with inflation well in check.”
— John W. Snow

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