Most Famous Renewable Energy Quotes

Renewable Energy Quotes

Renewable energy refers to energy derived from naturally replenishing sources that are virtually inexhaustible on a human timescale. These sources include sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat. Unlike fossil fuels, which are finite and contribute to environmental pollution and climate change when burned, renewable energy sources are sustainable and environmentally friendly. They provide an alternative to traditional energy sources, offering cleaner, greener options for powering our homes, businesses, and industries while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating the impacts of climate change.

Renewable Energy Quotes

1. “The future is green energy, sustainability, renewable energy.”
— Arnold Schwarzenegger

2. “Wind and other clean, renewable energy will help end our reliance on fossil fuels and combat the severe threat that climate change poses to humans and wildlife alike.”
— Frances Beinecke

3. “There is an urgent need to stop subsidizing the fossil fuel industry, dramatically reduce wasted energy, and significantly shift our power supplies from oil, coal, and natural gas to wind, solar, geothermal, and other renewable energy sources.”
— Bill McKibben

4. “The potential of renewable energy is immense.”
— Tulsi Tanti

5. “Every dollar spent on nuclear is one less dollar spent on clean renewable energy and one more dollar spent on making the world a comparatively dirtier and a more dangerous place, because nuclear power and nuclear weapons go hand in hand.”
— Mark Z. Jacobson

6. “Renewable energy is not more expensive than fossil fuel when you factor in life-cycle costs.”
— Piyush Goyal

7. “Renewable energy is a clear winner when it comes to boosting the economy and creating jobs.”
— Tom Steyer

8. “I think the cost of energy will come down when we make this transition to renewable energy.”
— Al Gore

9. “When it comes to renewable energy, there’s no reason America should settle for second best.”
— Martin Heinrich

10. “Renewable energy is not unaffordable as the fossil fuel giants would like us to believe.”
— Caroline Lucas

11. “A distinction between renewable and not renewable energy is academic.”
— Carlo Rubbia

12. “An increased push for energy efficiency, renewable energy technology, electric mobility – along with the growing digitalization movement and a universal carbon pricing structure – would speed up the carbon-free future and the rise of a global middle class we desperately need. We can and must all do our part.”
— Joe Kaeser

13. “We should see the leadership from the White House setting dates certain for certain goals of achieving greater alliance on alternative and renewable energy sources, but we are not.”
— Ron Kind

14. “Renewable energy also creates more jobs than other sources of energy – most of these will be created in the struggling manufacturing sector, which will pioneer the new energy future by investment that allows manufacturers to retool and adopt new technologies and methods.”
— Jay Inslee

15. “My real baby is renewable energy. I feel like whoever starts to crack this nut is going to have a pretty clear shot at the White House. It’s a $2 trillion business that America’s being left out of.”
— Mark Ruffalo

16. “But reducing harmful emissions, abating our dependence on foreign oil and developing alternative renewable energy sources have benefits that go beyond environmental health, they improve personal health, enhance national security and encourage our nation’s economic viability.”
— Jim Clyburn

17. “We will work on maximizing the introduction of energy conservation and renewable energy, while lowering our dependence on nuclear power generation as much as possible.”
— Yoshihide Suga

18. “I’m the only candidate which has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity – using clean, renewable energy as the key – into coal country, because we’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”
— Hillary Clinton

19. “Technology in renewable energy has already led to many innovations in business models, products, and solutions.”
— Tulsi Tanti

20. “Transitioning to renewable energy sources that create and keep good-paying jobs in America must be our focus.”
— Alex Padilla

21. “Every day I get to ‘Think’ and work on everything from digitizing electric grids so they can accommodate renewable energy and enable mass adoption of electric cars, helping major cities reduce congestion and pollution, to developing new micro-finance programs that help tiny businesses get started in markets such as Brazil, India, Africa.”
— Ginni Rometty

22. “The Pacific Northwest depends on inexpensive renewable energy from our dams.”
— Cathy McMorris Rodgers

23. “We need a federal jobs guarantee that puts everyone to work toward a green, clean renewable energy economy.”
— Jamaal Bowman

24. “It cannot be right in a world of increasing human progress – whether in medicine, space exploration or renewable energy – that so many people are denied the most basic human rights.”
— Paul Polman

25. “The great hope for a quick and sweeping transition to renewable energy is wishful thinking.”
— Vaclav Smil

26. “Some solutions are relatively simple and would provide economic benefits: implementing measures to conserve energy, putting a price on carbon through taxes and cap-and-trade and shifting from fossil fuels to clean and renewable energy sources.”
— David Suzuki

27. “I am not going to give up on renewable energy.”
— Ed Davey

28. “Ultimate success for a carbon tax would mean so complete a shift to renewable energy that the tax would stop raising much revenue at all.”
— Timothy Noah

29. “Renewable energy is very significant.”
— Vaclav Smil

30. “In reality, studies show that investments to spur renewable energy and boost energy efficiency generate far more jobs than oil and coal.”
— Jeff Goodell

31. “Once you got a solar panel on a roof, energy is free. Once we convert our entire electricity grid to green and renewable energy, cost of living goes down.”
— Elizabeth May

32. “One of the most exciting opportunities created by renewable energy technologies like solar is the ability to help the world’s poorest develop faster – but more sustainably too.”
— Ed Davey

33. “A strong renewable energy industry is good for our environment and our economy.”
— Roy Cooper

34. “Renewable energy could reduce emissions but also create jobs and improve public health.”
— Paul Polman

35. “Renewable energy is no longer a niche fuel.”
— Fatih Birol

36. “Doing all we can to combat climate change comes with numerous benefits, from reducing pollution and associated health care costs to strengthening and diversifying the economy by shifting to renewable energy, among other measures.”
— David Suzuki

37. “The relationship between renewable energy sources and the communities we expect to host them must be appropriate and sustainable and, above all, acceptable to local people.”
— Owen Paterson

38. “During my travels in Iraq, Israel, Gaza, Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, Europe and all over the United States, I have seen and heard the voices of people who want change. They want the stabilization of the economy, education and healthcare for all, renewable energy and an environmental vision with an eye on generations to come.”
— Michael Franti

39. “Hydropower is a clean and renewable energy source that provides affordable power throughout the country.”
— Seth Moulton

40. “I’ve been very passionate about renewable energy for many years, particularly solar energy and its capacity to bring abundant clean, sustainable energy to millions around the globe.”
— Richard Branson

41. “Just as fossil fuels from conventional sources are finite and are becoming depleted, those from difficult sources will also run out. If we put all our energy and resources into continued fossil fuel extraction, we will have lost an opportunity to have invested in renewable energy.”
— David Suzuki

42. “Replacing traditional sources of energy completely with renewable energy is going to be a challenging task. However, by adding renewable energy to the grid and gradually increasing its contribution, we can realistically expect a future that is powered completely by green energy.”
— Tulsi Tanti

43. “As more companies look to reduce or negate their environmental footprint, it is crucial for Vermont to be a destination with an affordable renewable energy grid to partner with companies and achieve our shared goals.”
— Phil Scott

44. “Renewable energy means good paying jobs along with clean air and water.”
— Roy Cooper

45. “I have a dream that in the not-too-distant future, Visy Tumut will spend around $100 m to expand our clean energy generation here and take in additional waste forest wood to generate clean renewable energy and sell it into the power grid.”
— Anthony Pratt

46. “I support renewable energy.”
— Fred Upton

47. “As each country looks to meet their emissions reduction, energy efficiency, or renewable energy goals, they will look to cities as places where transformational change can make the most difference.”
— Patricia Espinosa

48. “Preventing global warming from becoming a planetary catastrophe may take something even more drastic than renewable energy, superefficient urban design, and global carbon taxes.”
— Jamais Cascio

49. “People should have values, so by extension, a company should. And one of the things you do is give back. So how do you give back? We give back through our work in the environment, in running the company on renewable energy. We give back in job creation.”
— Tim Cook

50. “Renewable energy, including from offshore wind, is crucial to the effort to avoid some of the worst effects of climate change, according to environmentalists and some elected officials.”
— Tatiana Schlossberg

51. “There is no justifiable reason why our electricity, heating and cooling and transportation needs aren’t powered by 100 percent renewable energy.”
— Deb Haaland

52. “One of the best things that came out of the Carter administration was the energy policy. The best things in it were renewable energy.”
— Stewart Udall

53. “China is eating our lunch with regard to renewable energy.”
— Raja Krishnamoorthi

54. “There is growing demand for renewable energy.”
— Lynn Good

55. “As the president of a cutting-edge research and development firm, I deal with the development of solutions to long-term national security and renewable energy problems every day and will bring this same perspective to Congress.”
— Raja Krishnamoorthi

56. “I have been working for years to promote a responsible energy policy that works to increase energy efficiency and invest in alternative and renewable energy sources.”
— Lois Capps

57. “There is no question we need an energy policy overhaul in America. A key part of that overhaul must include moving forward aggressively with expanding nuclear energy as a renewable energy source. Storing nuclear waste is an important piece of that effort.”
— Erik Paulsen

58. “Renewable energy is an essential part of our strategy of decarbonization, decentralization, as well as digitalization of energy.”
— Isabelle Kocher

59. “Fossil fuels are – they’re inherently centralized. And you need a lot of infrastructure to get them out, and you need a lot of infrastructure to transport it, as Obama was explaining in front of all that pipe, right? Whereas renewable energy is everywhere.”
— Naomi Klein

60. “The notion that moving toward renewable energy will kill jobs is an absurdity on its face. The notion that we have to live smaller lifestyles; not have the American way of life or give up the American Dream is just ridiculous. It is the opposite of the case; a new energy paradigm will create opportunity.”
— Marshall Herskovitz

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