99+ Haters Quotes To Help You Deal With The Pain

Haters Quotes

“Haters” is a slang term that refers to people who consistently criticize, dislike, or show negative feelings towards someone or something, often without valid reasons or genuine understanding. These individuals may express their negative opinions online or offline, and their actions can range from making hurtful comments to actively spreading negativity. The term is commonly used in the context of social media, pop culture, and informal conversations to describe those who seem to focus on the flaws or shortcomings of others.

Haters Quotes

1. “I don’t have time, energy, or interest in hating the haters; I’m too busy loving the lovers.”
— Steve Maraboli

2. “We can’t control the filters that others choose when they look at us.”
— Rachel Wolchin

3. “It’s not your job to like me—it’s mine.”
— Byron Katie

4. “Haters are the people who will broadcast your failures and whisper your success.”
— Will Smith

5. “Insecure people put others down to raise themselves up.”
— Habeeb Akande

6. “Be who you want to be and not care about what others think.”
— Andrew Biersack

7. “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain… and most do.”
— Dale Carnegie

8. “Learn to use the criticism as fuel and you will never run out of energy.”
— Orrin Woodward

9. “Haters may push you but determination will give you the keys to drive.”
— Gee Linder

10. “Often those that criticize others reveal what he himself lacks.”
— Shannon L. Alder

11. “The only thing more frustrating than slanderers is those foolish enough to listen to them.”
— Criss Jami

12. “Hate hurts the hater more’n the hated.”
— Madeleine L’Engle

13. “Isn’t it kind of silly to think that tearing someone else down builds you up?”
— Sean Covey

14. “I don’t worry about the haters… They are just angry because the truth I speak contradicts the lie they live.”
— Steve Maraboli

15. “Let go of the people who dull your shine, poison your spirit, and bring you drama. Cancel your subscription to their issues.”
— Dr. Steve Maraboli

16. “Remember that only God can judge us; forget the haters, because Somebody loves you.”
— Miley Cyrus

17. “Don’t let negative and toxic people rent space in your head. Raise the rent and kick them out.”
— Robert Tew

18. “Stop letting people who do so little for you control so much of your mind, feelings, and emotions.”
— Will Smith

19. “I think that everybody wants to be heard, and the easiest way to be the loudest is to be the hater.”
— Tavi Gevinson

20. “They don’t hate you. They hate themselves and take it out on you. There’s a difference.”
— Ritu Ghatourey

21. “Hate is a lack of imagination.”
— Graham Greene

22. “Hate is… It’s too easy. Love. Love takes courage.”
— Hannah Harrington

23. “From the deepest desires often come the deadliest hate.”
— Socrates

24. “Haters don’t hate you… The reality is, they fear that they will never be able to get to where you are right now.”
— Leah Remillet

25. “Behind every successful person lies a pack of Haters! I love my haters!”
— Gloria Tesch

26. “Haters are my favorite. I’ve built an empire with the bricks they’ve thrown at me. Keep on hating.”
— C.M. Punk

27. “There will always be haters. And the more you grow, the more they hate; the more they hate the more you grow.”
— Anthony Liccione

28. “Be so good they can’t ignore you.”
— Steve Martin

29. “Wish all your enemies a long life, so they can see you succeed in life.”
— Nishan Panwar

30. “Fear of something is at the root of hate for others, and hate within will eventually destroy the hater.”
— George

31. “Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated.”
— Coretta Scott King

32. “The best way to counter-attack a hater is to make it blatantly obvious that their attack has had no impact on you.”
— Timothy Ferris

33. “No matter how good you are, someone is always going to be against you. But never let them be the limit of your success.”
— Terry Mark

34. “People who hate you because of a mere jealousy over your success hurt themselves in disguise. This is because you carry an image of who they wish they had become. Don’t hate them back because they may also become like you one day and it will mean hurting that image you carry!”
— Israelmore Ayivor

35. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
— Martin Luther King, Jr.

36. “A haters job is to hate you, and they stay on their job 24/7. So, if you’re expecting them to clock out, and leave you alone think again.”
— Sonya Parker

37. “The hated man is the result of his hater’s pride rather than his hater’s conscience.”
— Criss Jami

38. “Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.”
— Nishan Panwar

39. “Haters and bullies are always cowards, you know. They like to pick on little guys.”
— Scylar Tyberius

40. “Expect while reaching for the stars, people to whirl by with their dark clouds and storm upon you.”
— Anthony Liccione

41. “Most haters are stuck in a poisonous mental prison of jealousy and self-doubt that blinds them to their own potentiality.”
— Dr. Steve Maraboli

42. “Save your skin from the corrosive acids from the mouths of toxic people. Someone who just helped you to speak evil about another person can later help another person to speak evil about you.”
— Israelmore Ayivor

43. “Don’t think that just because you made it to the next level that the haters and naysayers disappear. Remember, new levels bring new devils.”
— Dr. Steve Maraboli

44. “I think people are just haters. When they see people doing well, some people, if there’s something wrong, they’ll pick at that.”
— Alana Blanchard

45. “I don’t chase after anyone, if you wanna walk out of my life, then I’ll hold the fucking door open for you.”
— Wiz Khalifa

46. “Protect your good image from the eyes of negative viewers, who may look at your good appearance with an ugly fiendish eye, and ruin your positive qualities with their chemical infested tongues.”
— Michael Bassey Johnson

47. “Those who pray for your downfall are concentrating negative thoughts towards you, without taking cognisance of the slippery ground in which they are standing, which could lead to their downfall.”
— Michael Bassey Johnson

48. “The moment you have to recruit people to put another person down, in order to convince someone of your value is the day you dishonor your children, your parents and your God. If someone doesn’t see your worth the problem is them, not people outside your relationship.”
— Shannon L. Alder

49. “Haters are my favorite. I´ve built an empire with the bricks they´ve thrown at me. Keep on hating…”
— CM Punk

50. “(To the haters) You are not extinguishing the bright lights of mankind, you’re simply burying yourself in an unmarked grave.”
— Stefan Molyneux

51. “Don’t think for one minute that you are any less worthy of love and peace and harmony just because of all the hate spewed by human devils. Because that is what those haters are, you know, devils!”
— Scylar Tyberius

52.“When we don’t know who to hate, we hate ourselves.”
— Chuck Palahniuk

53. “I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain.”
— James Baldwin

54. “In time we hate that which we often fear.”
— William Shakespeare

55. “It is easy to hate and it is difficult to love. This is how the whole scheme of things works. All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things are very easy to get.”
— Confucius

56. “Hate can be a deeply stimulating emotion. The world becomes easier to understand and much less terrifying if you divide everything and everyone into friends and enemies, we and they, good and evil.”
— Fredrik Backman

57. “Most hatred is based on fear, one way or another. Yeah. I wrapped myself in anger, with a dash of hate, and at the bottom of it all was an icy center of pure terror.”
— Laurell K. Hamilton

58. “The man of knowledge must be able not only to love his enemies but also to hate his friends.”
— Friedrich Nietzsche

59. “Haters teach you to be grateful for the people you love, hard times teach you to be grateful for the times that are good, and God, well God teaches you everything you need to know.”
— Carniel Dunlop

60. “People who project negativity typically have low self-esteem. They feel badly about themselves, and their negativity is simply a reflection of those feelings.”
— Hendrie Weisinger

61. “Having haters is just a part of the business, and the more haters you have, the more people like you—that’s how I view it because I try to see the positive in things.”
— Nick Jonas

62. “Respect your haters, they’re the ones who think you’re better than them.”
— Unknown

63. “Pride attracts more haters and brings less friends.”
— Unknown

64. “Haters will see you walk on water and say it’s because you can’t swim.”
— Unknown

65. “Haters, like parrots, talk much but cannot fly. Dreamers, like eagles, say nothing but conquer the skies.”
— Unknown

66. “I treat my haters like AM radio, I just don’t listen to them.”
— Unknown

67. “Some people have so little going on in their lives, they would rather discuss yours.”
— Unknown

68. “Remember, people only rain on your parade because they’re jealous of your sun and tired of their shade.”
— Unknown

69. “Being judged by others means that you’re that important that they have the time to think about you and talk about you.”
— Unknown

70. “Hating is the sincerest form of flattery.”
— Unknown

71. “Don’t give anyone the power to put you down. Haters are losers pretending to be winners.”
— Paulo Coelho

72. “Normally, I try not to pay attention to my haters, but this time I’d like to talk about it, because my haters are my motivators.”
— Ellen DeGeneres

73. “Never mind what haters say, ignore them ’til they fade away.”
— T.I.

74 “People that are obsessed with hating you, feel flattered. Their whole lives revolve around you.”
— Lady Gaga

75. “Give the haters another reason to hate!!”
— Lilly Ghalichi

76. “Behind every successful person lies a pack of haters.”
— Eminem

77. “My mom always said that there would be haters. Not everyone can love ya.”
— Joel Madden

78. “Haters only hate things they can’t have and the people they can’t be. It’s just a little thing called jealousy.”
— Lil Wayne

79. “Haters never win. I just think that’s true about life, because negative energy always costs in the end.”
― Tom Hiddleston

80. “I only feel sorry for weak people. And mostly what I’ve come to find is that the weak people are the ones that are the haters.”
— R. Kelly

81. “Haters keep on hating, cause somebody’s gotta do it.”
— Chris Brown

82. “All haters are losers, even when they win.”
— Paulo Coelho

83. “Started off local, but thanks to all the haters, I know G4 pilots on a first-name basis.”
— Drake

84. “The haters always scream the loudest.”
— Tucker Max

85. “I don’t care what the haters and naysayers say. If they make jokes about me, I’ll laugh because they’ll probably be funny.”
— Paula Deen

86. “Behind every successful person lies a pack of haters.”
— Eminem

87. “They just give me head while the haters give me promo.”
— Drake

88. “I’m not really concerned with trying to turn haters into believers.”
— Kreayshawn

89. “I can’t relate to these haters, my enemies never made it.”
— Drake

90. “Believe in yourself and don’t care about haters.”
— Perrie Edwards

91. “Haters are just confused admirers because they can’t figure out the reason why everyone loves you.”
— Jeffree Star

92. “The best way to torture haters is with your happiness. There’s nothing people hate more than seeing you be successful.”
— Anurag Prakash Ray

93. “Nations have come under the control of haters and fools.”
— Carroll O’Connor

94. “There will be haters, there will be doubters, there will be non-believers, and then there will be you, proving them wrong.”
— Karina Barton

95. “Haters are like crickets. Crickets make a lot of noise, you hear it but you can’t see them, then right when you walk by them, they’re quiet.”
— Israel Houghton

96. “To anyone that ever told you you’re no good, they’re no better.”
— Hayley Williams

97. “They’re [haters] just building you up to knock you down. But for me, they haven’t.”
— Taylor Swift

98. “When you’re blessed, the haters come out. When you wear God’s blessings well, don’t be surprised if it draws jealousy out on people.”
— Joel Osteen

99. “To all the haters out there I wish you the best. You can’t bring me down. I wake up everyday grateful for the opportunity and grateful to the fans.”
— Justin Bieber

100. “Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let God deal with the things they do, cause hate in your heart will consume you too.”
— Will Smith