50+ Wellness Quotes To Your Healthy Living

Wellness Quotes

Wellness is a holistic approach to health that considers all aspects of an individual’s life, including physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It is about promoting overall health and balance in one’s life, rather than simply treating specific illnesses or symptoms. The concept of wellness encompasses a wide range of lifestyle practices, such as exercise, healthy eating, stress management, and sleep hygiene, as well as habits that contribute to personal growth and happiness.

In order to achieve wellness, it’s important to focus on creating a balance in multiple areas of one’s life, such as work, relationships, and leisure activities. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help prevent many chronic illnesses and improve the overall quality of life. However, wellness is an ongoing journey, and it requires a commitment to self-care, self-awareness, and making positive changes.

Wellness Quotes

1. “A calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health.”
— Dalai Lama

2. “A healthy outside starts from the inside.”
— Robert Urich

3. “If you keep good food in your fridge, you will eat good food.”
— Errick McAdams

4. “Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basic of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.”
— John F. Kennedy

5. “There is no health without mental health; mental health is too important to be left to the professionals alone, and mental health is everyone’s business.”
— Vikram Patel

6. “Those who have no time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to find the time for illness.’’
— Edward Stanley

7. “What most people don’t realize is that food is not just calories: It’s information. It actually contains messages that communicate to every cell in the body.”
— Dr. Mark Hyman

8. “Sorry, there’s no magic bullet. You gotta eat healthily and live healthily to be healthy and look healthy. End of story.”
— Morgan Spurlock

9. “Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account.”
— Anne Wilson Schaef

10. “Our bodies are our gardens – our wills are our gardeners.”
— William Shakespeare

11. “Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”
— Eleanor Brown

12. “The key to a healthy life is having a healthy mind.”
— Richard Davidson

13. “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”
— Thomas Edison

14. “I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health.”
— Voltaire

15. “Some things you have to do every day. Eating seven apples on Saturday night instead of one a day just isn’t going to get the job done.”
— Jim Rohn

16. “Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos — the trees, the clouds, everything.”
— Thich Nhat Hanh

17. “So many people spend their health gaining wealth, and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health.”
— A. J. Reb Materi

18. “If you know the art of deep breathing, you have the strength, wisdom, and courage of ten tigers.”
— Chinese adage

19. “It’s not until you get tired that you see how strong you really are.”
— Shaun T

20. “People who laugh actually live longer than those who don’t laugh. Few persons realize that health actually varies according to the amount of laughter.”
— James J. Walsh

21. “To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep the mind strong and clear.”
— Buddha

22. “You can’t control what goes on outside, but you can control what goes on inside.”
— Unknown

23. “The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness.”
— Abraham Maslow

24. “While weight loss is important, what’s more, important is the quality of food you put in your body – food is information that quickly changes your metabolism and genes.”
— Dr. Mark Hyman

25. “Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.”
— Jim Rohn

26. “Wellness is the complete integration of body, mind, and spirit – the realization that everything we do, think, feel, and believe has an effect on our state of well-being.”
— Greg Anderson

27. “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”
— Jon Kabat-Zinn

28. “No matter how old you are, no matter how much you weigh, you can still control the health of your body.”
— Dr. Harvey Cushing

29. “You can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet.”
— Dr. Mark Hyman

30. “Wellness is a connection of paths: knowledge and action.”
— Joshua Holtz

31. “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”
— Mahatma Gandhi

32. “It is not the bruises on the body that hurt. It is the wounds of the heart and the scars on the mind.”
— Aisha Mirza

33. “He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything.”
— Arabian Proverb

34. “To get rich, never risk your health. For it is the truth that health is the wealth of wealth.”
— Richard Baker

35. “Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.”
— Oprah Winfrey

36. “The groundwork for all happiness is good health.”
— Leigh Hunt

37. “Your illness is not your identity. Your chemistry is not your character.”
— Pastor Rick Warren

38. “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”
— Benjamin Franklin

39. “The reason I exercise is for the quality of life I enjoy.”
— Kenneth H. Cooper

40. “If you want to feel good, you have to go out and do some good.”
— Oprah Winfrey

41. “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.”
— Hippocrates

42. “If you want a relaxed body, you can do it by relaxing your mind. If you want a relaxed mind, relax your body.”
— Jay Winner

43. “It is exercise alone that supports the spirits, and keeps the mind in vigor.”
— Marcus Tullius Cicero

44. “Keep your vitality. A life without health is like a river without water.”
— Maxime Lagacé

45. “Remain calm, because peace equals power.”
— Joyce Meyer

46. “What mental health needs are more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation.”
— Glenn Close

47. “A man’s health can be judged by which he takes two at a time — pills or stairs.”
— Joan Welsh

48. “Half the costs of illness are wasted on conditions that could be prevented.”
— Dr. Joseph Pizzorno

49. “Make eating fruits and vegetables a priority. This is so simple and beneficial, yet most people don’t do it.”
— Nia Shanks

50. “Some struggle is healthy. If you can embrace it rather than be angry, you can use it as your pilot light.”
— Damon Wayans

51. “The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results.”
— Anthony Robbins

52. “The longer I live the more I see that I am never wrong about anything and that all the pains that I have so humbly taken to verify my notions have only wasted my time.”
— George Bernard Shaw

53. “The existence of illness in the body may no doubt be called a shadow of the true illness that is held by a man in his mind.”
— Hazrat Khan

54. “When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.”
— Herophilus

55. “Happiness is the highest form of health.”
— Dalai Lama

56. “If you don’t do what’s best for your body, you’re the one who comes up on the short end.”
— Julius Erving

57. “A sad soul can be just as lethal as a germ.”
— John Steinbeck

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