Day: February 1, 2024

Caroline Myss Quotes

All TIme Famous Caroline Myss Quotes

Caroline Myss (pronounced mace; born December 2, 1952) is an American author of 10 books and many audio recordings about mysticism and wellness. She is most well-known for publishing Anatomy of the Spirit (1996). She also co-published The Creation of Health with Dr C Norman Shealy MD – ex-Harvard professor of neurology. Her most recent […]

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Charles Schumer Quotes

All Time Famous Charles Schumer Quotes

Charles Ellis Schumer (born November 23, 1950) is an American politician serving as Senate Majority Leader since 2021 and the senior United States senator from New York since 1999. A member of the Democratic Party, he has led the Senate Democratic Caucus since 2017 and was Senate Minority Leader from 2017 to 2021. Schumer is […]

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Charles Bukowski Quotes

All Time Famous Charles Bukowski Quotes

Henry Charles Bukowski (/buːˈkaʊski/boo-KOW-see; born Heinrich Karl Bukowski, German: [ˈhaɪnʁɪç ˈkaʁl buˈkɔfski]; August 16, 1920 – March 9, 1994) was an American poet, novelist, and short story writer. His writing was influenced by the social, cultural, and economic ambiance of his adopted home city of Los Angeles. Bukowski’s work addresses the ordinary lives of poor […]

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Corrie Ten Boom Quotes

All Time Famous Corrie Ten Boom Quotes

Cornelia Arnolda Johanna “Corrie” ten Boom (15 April 1892[1] – 15 April 1983) was a Dutch watchmaker and later a Christian writer and public speaker, who worked with her father, Casper ten Boom, her sister Betsie ten Boom and other family members to help many Jewish people escape from the Nazis during the Holocaust in […]

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Clint Eastwood Quotes

All Time Famous Clint Eastwood Quotes

Clinton Eastwood Jr. (born May 31, 1930) is an American actor and film director. After achieving success in the Western TV series Rawhide, Eastwood rose to international fame with his role as the “Man with No Name” in Sergio Leone’s Dollars Trilogy of spaghetti Westerns during the mid-1960s and as antihero cop Harry Callahan in […]

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Yahoo Serious Quotes

All Time Famous Yahoo Serious Quotes

Yahoo Serious is an Australian actor, director, and writer, born on July 27, 1953, in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. His birth name is Greg Pead, but he is best known by his stage name, Yahoo Serious. He gained international fame for his role in the 1988 comedy film “Young Einstein,” which he also wrote […]

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Yahtzee Croshaw Quotes

All Time Famous Yahtzee Croshaw Quotes

Yahtzee Croshaw is a British-born Australian video game journalist, author, and internet personality. He is best known for his work on the website “Zero Punctuation,” where he reviews video games in a rapid-fire, humorous, and often critical manner. Croshaw is recognized for his distinctive, fast-paced delivery and use of animated visuals to complement his reviews. […]

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Yahya Ibn Mu'adh Al-Razi Quotes

All Time Famous Yahya Ibn Mu’adh Al-Razi Quotes

Abu Zakariya Yahya ibn Mu’adh al-Razi was a Muslim Sufi who taught in Central Asia. One of the first to teach Sufism in masjid, he left several books and sayings. Yahya Ibn Mu’adh Al-Razi Quotes 1. “Fight against your ego with the four swords of training: eat little, sleep little, speak little, and be patient […]

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Yahya Jammeh Quotes

All Time Famous Yahya Jammeh Quotes

Yahya Jammeh is a former Gambian politician who served as the President of the Gambia from 1994 to 2017. He came to power through a military coup in 1994 and remained in office for more than two decades. Jammeh’s rule was characterized by allegations of human rights abuses, suppression of political opposition, and a controversial […]

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Yair Lapid Quotes

All Time Famous Yair Lapid Quotes

Yair Lapid is an Israeli politician of the centrist Yesh Atid party and a former journalist. He has been the Leader of the Opposition since January 2023, having previously served in that role from 2020 to 2021. He served as the 14th Prime Minister of Israel from 1 July to 29 December 2022. Yair Lapid […]

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